Xia space ship game on kickstrarter

I really loved it !And I wish I had 105 $  , for a copy of this game plus all stretch goals and free international shipping....


Need more fire power to your Space Marines army ?

Another great deal ,  from Titan Manufactorum or Chipis games  , they have for sale 3 Guardians in the price of two .

Check at their site for more details :


You have any storage problems for your minis ?

As the site says this is a cheap but decent product for storing your minis

The Warchest has been designed as a mix and match system, so that you buy just what you need for your personal needs. The system is made up of boxes, lids and inlays. Size 245mm x 183mm

Boxes – The boxes are designed with a lip to make them easy to lift and can be used as a stand alone system or fit into IKEA wooden drawers. Boxes are available in 3 heights.
1. 35mm high. Great for 6mm Figures and 10mm/15mm/20mm Infantry.
2. 52.5mm high  Great for 10mm/15mm Cavalry
3 70 mm high Great for 28mm Figures
4 100mm high Great for 28mm Lance Armed Cavalry & Pikemen
For more details check the site :