A necron conversion "How to make a warrior to a flayed one"

I had three warrior models from a scrap model Ebay offer . They had broken weapons.
So I diced today to change them to flayed ones .
I start by cutting the weapons from the hands.
Then I cut some plastic pieces , in elliptic form like a claw.( I cut them from a DVD plastic case ) and I glued them on the hands , three in each hand.

 On this one I put a chaos marines head stuck on necrons claw . 
After that  I painted them with Bolt metal and Rotten Flesh , a thick layer of paint  where supposedly there was flesh.  

  At the end , I painted them with  red paint for blood .And painted the head of that poor Chaos Marine .

I think they look nice for a friendly game , don't they ?


Chaos Bunker

This is a Chaos Bunker made from a yoghurt  cap and some "old solder toy's" items , such as the rocks and the weapon , along with some "Games Workshop"  items , such as the door , the defensive fend's and the front hatch with the "noise marines" icon .


My two new objectives terrains

This is a terrain to use when you want to play a " Take and Hold " game or an objective game .At the middle a have put an flag holder in order to change the flag , depend how has the point .

The bases are from " foam board " 
I have used some of my old " toy  solder's" components the sand bag wall , the big ammo crate and the barrel
 The damned flack is falling back
 I put some details on the ammo crates

 This is the second objective terrain on a Chaos theme but i have put some Orks on it .

 I have made a custom lascannon on a barricade for " décor " or not .They are made from sprue and some left over "Rhino's" bits and the weapon from Lego's Bionicle

The sand bags are made from clay
The barrels are two Coca Cola caps glued one on top the other




Orks Versus Space Wolves

This is not an actual battle ,but it's like a photo gallery with a theme and a little scenario .