This are the thing that you my need to play your first game of                                    
                                      Firestorm Armada.                                                 
1) Two starter boxes 
2) A rule book and the card set
3)  The templates and token sets
Although the Spartan Games are selling this items  , they give you the opportunity to know the game ,  before you even buy all this things.
If you visit there site ( http://www.spartangames.co.uk )  you'll found everything in downloadable pdf  form .
Who else has done such a thing ?
This shows how much they believe on this game .  

Firestorm Armada what is in the box

Here are the two starters from the game Firestorm armada
A Relthoza and a Sorylian Collective Starter.

Lets open the Sorylian box .
When you open the box you found inside
6X Frigates(one plastic and one metal "exhaust" )
3X Cruiser(two plastic parts and one metal "exhaust")
1X Battleship ( three plastic parts )
10X acrylic flight stands
And three high quality sheets with the ships stats and the tokens you may use in the game.

This is the Battleship

This are the Cruisers
And this are the Frigates